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Beautiful, quality furs have always been a source of inspiration for fashion trend setters. The very beauty of furs originates in an unsurpassed design by the Couturier – the Creator Himself - and poses plenty of challenges, as well as revealing unprecedented perspectives for those able to appreciate genuine beauty and comfort.
This was the thinking that inspired the VERSAVI Company in its beginnings. This is the force that drives their imagination for innovations in fur garment design today. At VERSAVI, the concept of fashion is not separated from fur but rather embraces it at all levels, as the Company sees these as inseparable, complementary to each other in ensuring the complete satisfaction of any demanding customer with their own style of expression.
The Designer Team at VERSAVI comprises highly qualified specialists from the Netherlands, Italy and Russia. Backed by the supportive management of the Creative Director of VERSAVI and the expertise of their Production Manager, the Team are creating real objects de vertu. There are many reasons why VERSAVI has become one of the most popular fur brands in the world: Impressive design, immaculate production, exclusive know-how, attention to the smallest details, magnificent finishing, excellent fitting and an individual approach – these features make every one of their collections unique.
There is another essential attribute to this success. This is the choice of raw materials – mink, sable, fox, swakara, beaver and other types of fur are only of the most exquisite quality. Purchased at the best-known fur auctions, they bear all the hall-marks of the finest workmanship of French and Italian fur processing experts to ensure the best possible quality of fur. This is the raw material we use for our garments, and this is what makes them so successful.
But there is something more to Versavi garments that makes them so attractive. The Company is always experimenting with design, techniques and materials, thus constantly offering customers new trends and new definitions of chic. At Versavi, style is a renewable notion. And the result is clear to see – every new collection is different from the last.
A woman who chooses Versavi makes her own, independent, statement. She is never a mainstream follower, but rather a trend setter. Her every appearance is a dynamic fashion statement. By her choice of garments, she expresses her femininity and, even more – her unique personality. In her wardrobe, there will always be space reserved for a new offer from Versavi, because the exclusive quality and unique design of her favourite fur brand places her where she intends to be – in the spotlight.
Versavi is a well-recognized and popular brand throughout the world – in boutiques from Moscow to New York’s 5th Avenue. In the Russian market, the brand is carried by many reputable fur salons and boutiques that fully satisfy the highly sophisticated demands of our customers.
Reflecting its dynamic nature, Versavi is constantly expanding its sales network and looking for new partners both in Russia and abroad. Through the expansion of its sales network the Company is aiming to consolidate its international profile, positioning itself as a leader in the market.

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